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As a practice we have worked very hard on this section on our website as we want to provide our patients with as much support as possible. On this page we have provided links to many different services all our patients can access and many accept self referrals - so an appointment with a GP is not needed. All of these websites are services our GP's recommend patients to look at.

Alcohol and you

alcoholandmeAlcohol related problems and conditions are becoming a big issue for the NHS.

Excessive drinking is not just the domain of the young. Regular moderate drinking over a long period of time is also becoming a problem among the middle aged population. For example alcohol raises your blood pressure.

During your consultations with the doctor or the nurse you may be asked about your alcohol consumption. This is a new government initiative to educate patients about the problems associated with excessive alcohol intake.

The current advise is for alcohol intake should be no more than -

  • Men: 3-4 units daily or 21 units per week
  • Women 2-3 units daily or 14 units per week

It is recommended you should have at least 2 alcohol free days each week.

You may be asked to complete a questionnaire when you attend the surgery.

We have produced a leaflet explaining what level is safe and what damage you can do to yourself with excessive drinking.

Bereavement Support

The way grief affects you depends on lots of things, including what kind of loss you have suffered, your upbringing, your beliefs or religion, your age, your relationships, and your physical and mental health. Thats why there is lots of Bereavement SupportDealing with grief can be difficult and there are lots of services and people who are there to support you.

You can find bereavment services near you and contact us for support any time. Services we provide to patients depending on your circumstances are- The Laura Centre, Child Bereavment UK, Cruse Bereavment,  SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity) and Sue Ryder.  

Blue Sky Centre

Blue Sky Centre

"We want to make it easier for victims of rape or sexual assault to come forward for treatment and support to access services and rebuild their lives." 

Contact Blue Sky Centre to self refer to the service. 

BPAS - British Pregnancy Advisory Service (including Abortion Services)

BPAS - British Pregnancy Advisory Service

"British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) supports thousands of women with abortion treatment every year - we can help you too."

The BPAS website also provides further advise including contraception advise, vasectomy services, miscarriage care, STI advisc and more. 

To be referred for a termination you do not need to see your GP. You can call 03457 30 40 30 to refer to BPAS for treatment or complete a Self  Referral form for Termination of pregnancy or Vasectomy. This is a multipurpose form. The word referral form is protected to allow completion of the form fields only.  

Breast Screening

SetSize650300 Breast screening saves lives banner200

Women aged between 47-73 years are routinely screened for signs of breast cancer every 3 years. This is usually done in a mobile screening unit situated at the Coucil Offices in London Road, Coalville. The mobile unit will be in Coalville over the next few months.

All women due their screening will be sent a letter directly from the Breast Screening Unit with an appointment date and time and they will be given at least 2 weeks prior notice. Information is given on the invitation letter on how to change or cancel their appointment.

The mobile unit is staffed by female radiographers and the appointment will last 15-20 minutes. The visit consists of answering a few relevant questions, followed by a mammogram (special low dose x-rays) of each breast.

Results will be forwarded to each woman within two weeks, if the results have not arrived within three weeks she is asked to contact the screening office.

CAMHS - Adolescent Mental Health Services

Image result for camhs

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) helps children and young people who have been referred by another healthcare professional. The support we provide varies according to need, from a one-off appointment to a programme of on-going care which lasts until the child or young person feels better and is felt to be safe. Please visit the CAMHS website for further information. 

Chat Health

First Community Health and Care School Nursing service is introducing a virtual school nurse service as an integral part of the new school nurse model. This is called Chat Health.

With more and more children and young people using hand held mobile devices in their daily lives, the Chat Health, text service is an easy way for young people to confidentially ask for help about a range of issues, or make an appointment with a school nurse. They can also find out how to access other local services including emotional support or sexual health services. In pilot areas such as Leicestershire that are already using Chat Health, pupils have said they like using the messaging service because it is:

• Less embarrassing

• Quick and easy

• Anonymous

• Non-judgemental

Launched on Monday 23rd May, Chat Health will allow young people to send text messages to a dedicated number which will be delivered to a secure website. Once there, texts will be responded to by the First Community School Nursing Team within one working day. The service will be available on Monday to Friday 9am – 5.00pm excluding bank holidays. During out–of–hours, anyone who texts the service will receive an automated message with advice on where to get help if their question is urgent.

To contact Chat Health text - 07520615382


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A crisis resolution and home treatment (CRHT) team is a team of mental health professionals who can support you at your home during a mental health crisis. It usually includes a number of mental health professionals, such as a psychiatrist, mental health nurses, social workers and support workers. The CRISIS wesbite offers support for patients experiencing mental health issues and a PDF document which can be downloaded. Their contact number os 0300 300 1010. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, also called domestic abuse, includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse in couple relationships or between family members. Domestic violence can happen against women and against men, and anybody can be an abuser. There is lots of support for victoms of domestic violence. If you need support please contact the surgery or see the links we provide to patients below.

Early Help

Children and young people can experience a range of difficulties at any time in their life.

Early help services are for children and young people of any age and can be supported from all kinds of services and organisations who work together to support the family. They accept self referrals or from someone working with you such as a teacher, health professional or support worker. During the assessment, the family will be fully involved and listened to which will help find the right support that is required.


Early Help Services for families Leaflet 

Emergency Dental Issue

Our surgery does not deal with dental issues. 

For information on emergency detal care advice please visit 

The direct contact number we give our patients is - 0116 295 1278 

Eye Care Services

The NHS recommends that you should get your eyes tested every two yearsNHS Eye Care Services  provides all the information you need to know, 

If you are concenred about your eyes it is important you visit your Local Opticians.  Ophthalmic practitioners will prescribe and fit glasses and contact lenses, and, if necessary, they will refer you to a GP or a hospital eye clinic for further investigation. 

First Contact Plus


First Contact Plus is delivered by Leicestershire County Council in partnership with GPs, the police, health organisations, voluntary groups and social care departments, district & borough councils who are helping adults across the county by working together to make access to services much easier. The website provides information on Improving your health, falls, feeling safe, living independently, families and relationships and many more. They have a new referral form for patients to complete as this is the quickest way to refer to the service. 

Let's Talk - Wellbeing

img94joktmu71908200xLet's Talk-Wellbeing is a service that provides psychological assessment and treatment for what are known as mild to moderate common mental health problems, which 1 in 4 of us will suffer with at some stage in our lives.

It is normal to experience changes in your mood and behaviour at times of stress and emotional upset. Your physical health may also affect your mood and stress levels. If these changes continue to affect you, then the

Let's Talk-Wellbeing service could help.

If you feel this service may benefit you, please click here for more information.

Manual Wheelchair & Specialist Buggy Referral Form
Other Screening Services

The Health Authority automatically recalls patients for the following screening:

  • Breast Screening
  • Cervical Screening
  • Aortic Aneurysm Screening
  • Bowel Cancer Screening
  • Diabetic Retinal Eye Screening

If you fit the criteria for any of the above you will be automatically sent a letter to attend for the screening either at the surgery, hospital or a mobile screening unit. Your letter will give you the information for the location.

For further information contact UHL (University Hospitals of Leicester) on: 0300 303 1573 and ask for the relevant screening unit.

Patient transport

From 1st July 2012 the patient transport contract changed within Leicestershire & Rutland and the surrounding counties. Arriva-Ambuline now provide this service on behalf of the local health authority. Leaflet here

If you have a hospital appointment at any of the Leicester hospitals and meet the eligibility criteria ambulance transport is still available. Due to cut backs in the NHS the criteria has been tightened so only patients with real need will be able to access this. The criteria has been agreed with the health authority and Arriva-Ambuline and NOT by this surgery.

Please see the East Midlands Ambulance Service website for more details.

Podiatry Services

Podiatry Sevices are provided through Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. Podiatry services aim to keep the population mobile, help users keep their independence and maintain their quality of life by providing an expert and complete range of foot and lower limb care, for those with a clinical, medical and/or physical need. Most podaitry services are based at South Wigston Health Centre - to refer for podiatry services you need to complete the self referral form and post it to

South Wigston Health Centre
80 Blaby Road
South Wigston
LE18 4SE

Quit Smoking

quitreadylogo200QuitReady here to help if you are ready to quit smoking

Over the past 12 months, around 3,000 people have given up smoking in Leicestershire.

Leicestershire County Council's new Quit Ready service is up-and-running for people who want to add their name to the welcome statistic. Quit Ready Leicestershire offers free and confidential text, phone and web chat advice and, for more details, visit or call 0345 646 66 66.

Advisors from Quit Ready Leicestershire will be in touch - via telephone, text message, web chat or email - to offer support on a weekly basis during the 12-week programme to ensure people have the best possible chance of staying smoke-free. The service runs from Mondays to Fridays (9am to 7pm) and on Saturdays (10am-2pm).

The new service also acknowledges the significant increase in the use of e-cigarettes,which the service doesn't provide, but behavioural support is on offer to people who use e-cigarettes.

People can also self-refer using the online contact form found on the website and the service is particularly keen to support women who are pregnant, or people who have other health problems.


Rainbows Children's Hospice: Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People East Midlands

"East Midlands’ only hospice for children and young people, Rainbows is a place where life-limited children and their families can find care and support. Our incredible team of people helps relieve symptoms, improve quality of life, support parents and siblings through their bereavements and care for children until the end." 

Rainbows Information Pack 


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Need to talk?

Talk to us any time you like, in your own way, and off the record – about whatever's getting to you. Trained volunteers are able to listen to you any time day or night. We can help you talk through whatever is troubling you, find the answers that are right for you, and offer support.

Sexual Health Services

Our surgery does not provide a variety of sexual health services. Our nurses offer appointments to discuss contraception such as the pill and depo.

To see a nurse please call the surgery and ask for a 15 minute appointment with nurse Debra or Caroline to disucss contraception.

For more information such as other forms of contraception, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and sexual problems please visit Sexual Health Services website or call 0800 318 908

Our nearest Sexual Health Services are:

Lougborough Health Centre, Pinfold Gate, Loughborough, LE11 1DQ


St Peter's Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester, LE2 0TA

Find sexual health services near you.

Think Pharmacist first!


Visit your pharmacist first for advice on minor conditions

'Think pharmacist first. They can provide much more than just a prescription' - West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (WL CGG).' 

Patients in West Leicestershire are being advised to see their pharmacist in the first instance for advice on minor conditions such as indigestion, travel sickness or diarrhoea which can be treated quickly by an over the counter medicine

“By asking people to self-care in this way, and we know that most people already do, it is a fairer way of utilising resources wisely as most of these items can be purchased in pharmacies and supermarkets at much lower than it costs the NHS to provide on a prescription. It will also free up valuable GP and nurse time, which can be used to deal with more complex or serious health needs." - Dr Barlow. 

Treatments that can be bought over the counter range in cost from less than a pound to more than a prescription charge but mostly cost as little as a few pounds. If everyone purchased these items rather than requesting a prescription it could save approximately £350,000 a year which would make a big difference to our services and free up resources for other treatments. In addition each item on a prescription costs the NHS £0.90 to dispense on top of the cost of the medicine.

Some medicines for minor illnesses do not need a prescription in order for you to obtain this medication from a local pharmacy such as pain killers, cough remedies, eye drops, emergency contraception. Prescription only medicines such as antibiotics must be prescribed by a qualified health professional - for more information click here

Please feel free to take a leaflet from our waiting room at the surgery if you visit or click here to read the electronic version


Further Information: 

Question and answers for minor ailments

Practice guidance information 


All information is provided from West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. 

Turning Point


"Turning Point is a leading health and social care organisation providing services for people with complex needs, including those affected by drug and alcohol misuse, mental health problems and those with a learning disability."

Find your closest Turning Point Centre. The closest to the surgery is in Coalville

Worth-it Projects

worth it projects logo200xWorth-it Projects apply practical approaches to promoting and protecting wellbeing. They specialise in early intervention and prevention of mental health problems, through improving emotional health and mental wellbeing of children, young people and schools. They work with young people aged 13-25, parents and professionals.

They provide Information on how to request help or support for children, young people and their families including a self referral form.

For further information please click here or call on 01530 835155 or send an email to


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